Strategic IT Planning

3R’s strategic planning service includes advising and training our clients. We offer professional advice on acquiring computer equipment and getting to grips with new hardware and software. We work with you to find the optimal solutions for the development of your information system, taking into account both your current and future needs.

By ‘advising clients’ we mean providing you with the specific IT information you need. We can also point you in the direction of the solutions that are going to work best for you and help you when it comes to making decisions on IT development. Our IT plans define the goals of developing your infrastructure and describe the strategies and action plans we’ll implement to make sure we fulfil those goals.

What’s the service designed to achieve?

Strategic planning is designed to give you an overview of where you’re at in terms of IT, highlighting any bottlenecks, coming up with solutions to them and drafting a ballpark budget and timeframe. Our job is to provide the director or finance manager of your company with profit indicators. The service is aimed at clients who are looking to develop and improve their IT infrastructure.

What does the service involve?

As part of strategic IT planning we outline a range of solutions to ensure that your objectives are achieved and draw up a rough budget and timeframe.

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