IT Support Services

The workplace support service or corrective maintenance

The aim of IT support services is to eliminate the errors occurring in the devices for which the maintenance services are provided and advise customers on how to improve the information system.

In providing the IT support services, the following will be closely looked at:
the operational reliability of the IT infrastructure;
the timely and rapid solving of an IT problem;
the recommendations concerning the opportunities of how to improve the information system
the operational stability achieved via the high quality support services provided for the information system.
Within the framework of our IT services, we can offer top quality and rapid maintenance services for your IT systems.

The IT support services cover:
The maintenance of the software installed to work stations and workplaces;
the installation of the consumer software used by the Service Orderer;
the maintenance of printers;
the installation and setting the settings of new hardware and software;
advising end users on how to use the computing technology better;
a specified support person;
Upon the occurrence of a breakdown or an error the contact or IT support person of the Service Orderer will register it in the internet environment of the Service Provider. In case the internet environment is unavailable or if the computer problem of the Customer does not enable for him or her to inform about it by using the internet services, messages can also be left by calling on the Help Desk telephone number.

All support services provided by 3R Computers will be registered in the following manner on the electronic worksheet of the e-service environment:

3R Computers will register the work done by using remote management devices and also the time spent on doing such work (i.e. consulting over the phone, the remote management of a computer system using the correct devices etc.) electronically by sending the Customer an e-mail upon commencing the work and after the work has been completed;
2.Each instance of work done on the premises of the Customer and the time spent on doing the work will be registered on the electronic worksheet.
The time spent on doing the work will be registered with a precision of a time span of 15 minutes.

The regular maintenance service or preventive service
The regular maintenance service of workplaces will be offered on the basis of the agreement made with the Customer.

In general, the following procedures will be performed in the course of the regular maintenance:
Anti-virus check-up and the downloading of updates;
Updating of software – the uploading of new patches for the workplaces;
Installation of new software, if necessary;
Removing spy- and adware from computers;
Cleaning of printers and, if necessary, replacing the toner;
Organizing the warranty repairs of devices with a valid warranty;
Handling user problems.
The list of work to be done in the course of regular maintenance is not final and will be agreed upon in more detail with the Customer.

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