IT Inventory

Nonrecurring contract opening fee:
The aim of the IT inventory check service is to give an overview of the existing IT means and IT assets including software and to simplify the communication with the co-operation partners.

The IT inventory check enables to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the information system. This is a service that enables to make right decisions early by planning the upgrading of the information system and the improving of its operational reliability.

The results and benefits of the service:
The list of the IT base infrastructure – a detailed overview of the hard- and software in use will be drawn up;
The plan of the IT network infrastructure – an overview of the locations of the IT resources and the network settings;
Report – the description of the situation of the inventoried IT assets and of the most important shortcomings;
Marking the IT devices with the inventory number (done upon the wish of the Customer);
The location plan of the IT base infrastructure – a detailed overview of the network connections and of the location of the devices on the premises. A data chart of the resources of the IT infrastructure will be drawn up (the precondition for the completion of the graphic drawing of the location plan is the existence of a graphic plan of the premises);
The precondition for meeting the requirements of the offer of services is the carrying out of the IT inventory check. Simultaneously to carrying out the IT inventory check, the freeware enabling remote management and monitoring will be installed in the computers/servers of the workplaces.


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