Assets Management

Ongoing management of your IT resources means you always know how things stand with your infrastructure.

What’s the service designed to achieve?

The aim of the service is to create a database of your IT infrastructure and to agree on the conditions its servicing should meet.

What does the service involve?

• Creating and managing a database of your hardware
• Creating and managing a database of your software
• Creating and managing a database of your additional equipment
• Creating and managing a database of software you purchase
• Creating and managing a database of your hardware and software settings
• Creating and managing internal procedural rules for IT in your company (for IT support staff)
• Producing a report comparing the software you use to software you’ve purchased
• Entering information obtained from IT inventories on your customer card on the e-servicing site and providing you with secure access to this data (which is updated constantly, registering any changes made in the course of servicing and development activities)

What do we get out of the service?

•    You always have the most up-to-date information about your IT infrastructure at your fingertips
•    It cuts costs when it comes to developing your IT infrastructure
•    It makes dealing with your partners a lot easier

What do you need from us in order to provide the service?

For us to be able to manage your IT resources, we need for you to have carried out an IT inventory.

How much does the service cost?

We provide the service as a basic component of an IT servicing agreement.

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