Thanks to 3R our company has ironed out its IT problems, making us more approachable to our customers and a happier place to work for our staff. A lot of things in our IT infrastructure have been improved and our users trained on how to make better use of our resources, and that’s all down to the professionalism and competence and personal touch of 3R. We’re really happy with the results, and hope things will go just as smoothly from here on in!

Rene Maajärv
Director of IT, VBH Estonia A

We chose 3R as our IT partner back in September 2009 when we realised we needed a ‘rapid response team’ that was efficient and reliable. We’ve never regretted that choice – they’ve really gone above and beyond for us. Everything they’ve done has been just right, in terms of how they did it and what it achieved. I’d happily recommend them to anyone!

Urmas Kernu
Member of the management board, AAA Patendibüroo OÜ

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