About US

 3R Computers OÜ is an innovative company that has grown out of the Service Department of Zebra Infosüsteemide AS. Due to the strategic rearrangement of the business activities of Zebra Infosüsteemide AS starting from 1 July 2007 it is 3R Computers OÜ that has been offering IT services to the customers of Zebra Infosüsteemide AS.

The specialists of 3R Computers acquired long-term experience in offering IT services already when they were working for Zebra Infosüsteemide AS. Thanks to our experience, we are highly competent, which is also proven by the Microsoft and IBM certificates granted to our specialists. Our long-term experience in providing IT services enables us to create complete service packages, which service IT base infrastructures, take into account the needs of each individual customer and can look after the needs of a company throughout the entire life cycle of its IT means.

The specialists of 3R Computers have been offering IT support services in the Zebra Infosüsteemide AS since 1997. Our six years of experience and the feedback received from our customers have shown that the needs of companies are much broader than initially expected― in addition to support services there is also need for other services.

Relying on the technical competence of our IT specialists we can offer top quality IT support services both for handling challenging tasks as well as in the form of regular maintenance. We deal with the IT needs of a company throughout their entire life cycle. In order to service an IT base infrastructure we have developed an IT servicing agreement on the basis of which we offer a number of services for managing the IT base infrastructure.


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